Year 6

Firstly, I wish to welcome all to class 6 and hope you enjoy this term's ‘The Great War' topic. As well as developing our knowledge of World War 1 and other educational skills, class 6 will be developing their life skills in preparation for transition.

Year 6 is a vitally important year as it is their final step before embarking on their journey to secondary school. I will endeavour to make their remaining time here enjoyable and an experience to remember!


This term we will focus on developing children's knowledge of written calculation. We will look at developing pupils' strategies of using and applying number as well allowing children to gain further experience of practising solving problems in a methodical and systematic way. Mental strategies will be revised and strengthened in order to broaden children's approach to solving problems. We will have a heavy focus on fractions and decimals involving ordering and comparing as well as calculations involving both. Initially we will cover properties of 2D shapes and reason demonstrating our understanding.


Our key texts this term include ‘The Trenches' by Jim Eldridge and ‘War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo.The two enable the children's minds to infer in depth in a very age appropriate yet challenging way. For this term we will mainly cover the following writing genres and develop pupils' spelling, punctuation and grammar understanding within literacy lessons:

  • Descriptive writing
  • Persuasive writing - Letters and advertisements
  • Non Chronological reports
  • Newspaper articles
  • Poetry - World war poetry
  • First Person Narratives - Diaries


Tag Rugby/invasion games and Sportshall Athletics -


We will be looking at: the lives of soldiers in the Great War; significant individuals in WWI; the reasons WWI occurred; poetry written from the frontline; the impact at home; historic battles at land and see, the Christmas truce; symbolism of the poppy, map reading skills, Europe post and during WWI and find out more about the famous and the unsung heroes of the First World War. Opportunities will arise throughout the Autumn term for design technology, art, drama and music all linked creatively as we approach the curriculum in a thematic way.


Mrs Savage shall be teaching year 6 science this term - watch this space for more information shortly.


RE/ PSHE -  

Mrs Martin shall be teaching year 6 RE and PSHE this term.


Mme Leydon will continue teaching French this year.


Parents and guardians, please feel free to pop in before or after school, make an appointment or call school if you need to discuss any matters. I have an open door and opportunities will arise for families to visit and see what we're up to in year 6: continuing our home-school partnership.


 Thank you in anticipation for your support this term.

Mr Perrin (Year 6 and Deputy Head)


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