Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page! 

We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas break, enjoying lots of family time! As always, we have an exciting, action-packed Spring Term in Year 5!

What are we doing this term?



To begin our number work this term, we will consolidate our learning of squared and cubed numbers and practise multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Following this, children will begin to learn and apply methods for division, focusing on the bus-stop method. A big focus will also include developing children's reasoning skills, helping them to explain and justify their decisions and methods within maths. Later in the term, we will plot and read a range of graphs and tables, including line graphs and timetables. The second half-term will focus of fractions. This will include comparing and ordering fractions, identifying equivalent fractions, beginning to understand mixed numbers and improper fractions and calculating fractions.

Rainbow Maths will continue as last term.


Linked to our Victorian Topic, during the first two weeks, we will begin working with the children to research and learn more about the famous Victorian author, Charles Dickens. Our focus will be on writing biographies. We will look at the key features of a biography, carry out research into Charles Dickens' life and organise our findings in order to create a well-structured biography, in which we use headings and punctuation such as colons, bullet points and semi-colons where appropriate.

Following this, we will begin working from our new class text ‘Cogheart' by Peter Bunzl. We will carry out a range of writing tasks linked to this text, in order to develop our sentence structure, including using extended noun phrases, fronted adverbials and varying our sentence length and structure.

Guided Reading

The format for Guided Reading is changing this term, it will take place within two Guided Reading sessions. The first shorter session will be skill-based tasks, according to the Year 5 Reading objectives, tasks will be linked directly to the class text. The longer session will have a greater emphasis on the different aspects of comprehension required to complete relevant tasks, e.g. inference and deduction.


The first half of the Spring Term will focus on Earth and Space; during which children will gain a greater understanding of the shape, size and distances between the Earth, Sun and Moon. Exploring the way in which these spherical bodies move will allow children to see how day and night, sunrise and sunset, a year and the months are created here on Earth. During the second half term, we are looking forward to Science Week, this year it will take place during the week beginning Monday 13th March. During this week our focus will be Forces; children will carry out investigations exploring the effects of forces in magnets and gravity, as well as understanding how forces work to create air and water resistance.


In line with our Victorian topic we will be looking at the life and work of William Morris.  We will research his life and consider what influenced his style, use of colour and chosen media.  Using examples of his work we will practice our sketch and watercolour skills and then create our own piece influenced by his style.


Later in the term we will be investigating, designing and making Victorian toys with a rotary motion cam. Children will use a kit to create their very own toys, developing their practical construction skills. Great designers and inventors will also be a feature of Design and Technology throughout the year.


Our History topic will link closely to our Geography and children will look at where the Victorians settled and why. We will find out about the industrial Revolution and the importance of the transport system, looking particularly at canals and the growth of the railways. 


Our topic this term is the Victorians, children have already started to get into role in preparing their pre-planning questions on their blackboards, which can be seen on display in the Year 5 classroom. Children are enthusiastic to learn more about the Victorians way of life, including learning about famous Victorian people; during this era many famous scientists and inventors were influential, having a huge effect on life today. Further to this, children will explore the home, family and school life experienced by the Victorians.


In Music we will be creating and improvising Victorian street cries and starting to compose simple melodies for them, learning how to notate our own music using traditional notation. We will be finding out about Victorian music hall entertainment and learning a variety of popular Music Hall songs. 



Year 5 will have PE on a Thursday and Friday this half term - please ensure the children have a full indoor PE kit (as both sessions will be gymnastics based), hair bobbles and the ability to remove any earrings.

During the Thursday PE lessons Mrs Hodgson will be teaching gymnastics sequences; balances, travelling in a variety of ways, gestures, holding strong positions and linking movements to create a smooth sequence - we will also do this to music to encourage expression within a sequence.


The PE topic on Friday will be gymnastics using apparatus - taught by the specialist sports coach and Mrs Hodgson.  This will develop skills to include vaulting, climbing, swinging and linking movements across the apparatus while remaining safe during takeoff and landing and an awareness of others.


As always, do pop in for a chat if you have any questions or concerns. 


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