Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page! 

We hope that you have all had a wonderful Summer holiday, enjoying the rare British sunshine! As always, we have an exciting, action-packed Autumn Term in Year 5!

What are we doing this term?



Mrs Fitzhugh will concentrate on shape, space and measure. This will include:

Ø  Measurement - converting between units of measure and using and applying this to word problems

Ø  Measurement - area and perimeter - measuring and calculating perimeter in various shapes and calculating and comparing the area of rectangles and other irregular shapes

Ø  Geometry - properties of shapes - 3D shape work will focus around identifying 3D shapes, from their 2D nets and understanding the difference between regular and irregular polygons.


Mrs Hodgson will concentrate on the number aspect of maths.  This will include:

Ø  place value and order

Ø  continuing to develop skills when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Ø  working with decimal and negative numbers.

Ø  Applying all skills to a range of problem solving activities to encourage resilience.


Rainbow Maths will continue as last year.


Mrs Fitzhugh:

Using the Legend of Gelert, the class will learn about the famous Welsh Legend from both film and book representations. Children will use role play, letter writing and descriptive narrative writing to explore the legend and understand the key features of the genre. In writing their own pieces, children will develop their skills in using vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation (VCOP) to make interesting sentences, which capture the readers' attention during the dramatic events that take place within the legend. Children will be working hard to make their writing more mature and complex this year, VCOP will be aspects that both Mrs Fitzhugh and Mrs Hodgson will work on throughout the week to develop.

Mrs Hodgson will be focussing on writing a detailed, descriptive recount during the first half of the Autumn term.  Time will be spent planning and evaluating our written work, improving individual sentences and beginning to link paragraphs carefully to guide the reader.  The use of time connectives and ENPs (Extended Noun Phrases) will be a vital part of this work as well as using specific vocabulary and suitable sentence structures.

Guided Reading

Children will work across a variety of reading activities as the week progresses.  Each group will read with an adult, complete a follow up task, answer questions about a text within a comprehension task and read independently.  This will be done just before lunch each day.


During the Autumn Term, our Science Topic is ‘Properties and Changes of Materials'. Within this unit, we will recap some of the properties previously studied, including magnetism, electrical conductivity and transparency. We will then build on this to learn about the Mohs scale of hardness and investigate absorbency and solubility. Children will find out for themselves which mixtures can be separated and which equipment is needed in order to do this successfully. In contrast, they will also learn about changes that are irreversible, for example burning.


Topic - Legendary Liverpool


To begin, children will carry out map work to locate Liverpool within the United Kingdom. They will then do further research to produce Liverpool Fact Files, to answer some of their pre-planning questions, including ‘What is the population of Liverpool?' ‘What is the area of Liverpool?' ‘What important buildings are there?'. Later in the term, children will compare the human and physical Geographical features of Liverpool and compare this to our locality, with a focus on the River Mersey.


Taking a 1960s influence from Liverpool and the Beatles era, we are going to be focusing our artwork on Pop Art, a really exciting, innovative movement in the art world. Children will learn about Pop Art, what it is, what led to this movement and who were the key artists involved. Our artist study will focus on Lichtenstein, who created commercial art, blowing up images from comic strips and using bright primary colours and giant dots to create distinctive popular works. The outcome will be for children to create their own Pop Art pieces, influenced by Lichtenstein's work.


Textiles will be the focus this term. The children will be designing, making and evaluating a cushion, challenging their sewing skills and ability to take inspiration from existing products.


In our history lessons we will be investigating the meaning behind the Coat of Arms of Liverpool and researching significant events that have formed the history of the city.  During our Conway residential, we will be creating our own stain glass windows to tell a story, inspired by those in the Liverpool Cathedrals.


Creating an e-book about our residential visit to Conway will be our focus this half term.  The children will learn how to upload images, sounds and videos into the books, planning each page carefully to make it as informative as possible.


Year 5 will have PE on a Thursday and Friday this half term - please ensure the children have a full indoor and outdoor PE kit (including supportive trainers), hair bobbles and the ability to remove any earrings.

During the Thursday PE lessons Mrs Hodgson will be teaching Sports Hall Athletics in preparation for the Autumn Term competition. Coverage will include improving our own performance and refining techniques across a variety of running, jumping and throwing disciplines.

The PE topic on Friday will be Quick Sticks Hockey - taught by the specialist sports coach and Mrs Hodgson.  Attack and defence skills will be taught as well as the rules of the game, developing sportsmanship and individual skills needed to be a successful team member.  

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