School Dinners

This menu is for Autumn and Winter Term 2017-18

Below are the prices of school dinners for children in KS2

Dinners for the full term to Easter holidays

53 dinners @ £2.30


Dinners until half term in February

30 dinners @ £2.30


Dinners from half term to Easter Holidays

23 Dinners @ £2.30



If your child only has dinners on specific days and you wish to pay in advance please click here for a flyer with more information.

You can now pay online at where you can pay by card.

To help with administration it would be most helpful if you could pay on a Monday and pay by cheque. Cheques to be made payable to Willaston Primary Academy.

You can also pay by cash. To make sure the money is allocated to the correct child please put all cheques/cash in a named envelope.

All KS1 children continue to be entitled to receive a Free School Meal.

We also offer a healthy morning break menu, a selection of the following will be available each day:

Fruit juice Cuplet: 25p
Milk Carton: 20p
Toast (slice): 20p
Bagel (half): 25p
Crumpets: 35p
Banana / Apple: 35p
Teacakes (half): 25p 

Milk/Milk and Toast for KS1 children

We offer the option of milk for Reception children and the option of milk and toast for Year 1 and Year 2 children. Forms are available from the school office.



Fruit selections are availbale daily