Welcome to Reception

Class teacher: Miss Phenton
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Maginess

 We are looking forward to supporting your child through their first year at school. Within our Reception class we have a balance of children learning through play and then more formal lessons towards the end of the reception year, so they are ready for the Year 1 curriculum.

Please look out for the Friday Letter which will be emailed to you each week with updates about your child's learning and other useful information. 


EYFS Curriculum

We deliver our curriculum through the 7 areas of learning;


Prime areas
   Communication and language;
   Physical development;
   Personal, social and emotional development;
Specific areas
   Understanding the world;
   Expressive arts and design.

We implement these areas through the children's interests. Through sharing what they want to learn we will plan topics and lessons around them, allowing the children to take ownership of their learning.





All About Me! 

We will be learning about our similarities and differences and what makes us special. Additionally, we will be talking about our families and the different people who are in them. Also, we will look at different parts of our bodies and looking at how we have grown.

People Who Help Us!

Afterwards, we will look at people who help us. We will have a range of visitors in our classroom who will talk about their jobs.


Personal,Social, Emotional Development 

We will be focusing on settling the children into the routines and behaviour expectations of the classroom and school. Also, we want the children to gain confidence to approach and talk to others about their need and interests. Whilst playing with friends and adult we want them to learn to take turns and share.


Communication and Language Development

The children will maintain attention for short times and respond to simple instructions. Increasingly the children will respond to two part instructions. They will also understand humour and begin to use language to recreate roles in play situations.


Physical Development

This term we want the children to experiment with different ways of moving. They will learn how to handle tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely. They will use pencil effectively to form some recognisable letters.

Literacy- Reading and Writing 

In phonics we will begin by looking at phase 1 and we will then introduce tricky words ( such as I, he, he) and sounds in phase 2. Later we will segment and blend VC (consonant,-vowel words) such as at, in on and CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words such as cat, put, has etc.

In this term children will take reading books and they will also take tricky words home to learn.
A couple of weeks into the term we will have a phonics and reading meeting where we will talk about these in more depth.

We will focus upon developing pencil control and holding the pencil correctly. The children will be given lots of opportunities throughout the learning environment to write.

Mathematical Development - Numbers and Space, Shape and Measure

In maths the children will recognise numerals of personal significance 1-5, count objects, select matching numerals and recite numbers to at least 10. They will be able to recognise 2D shapes.


Understanding the world

Children will explore the school surroundings, noticing things which are the same or different to the places that they have been before. We will look at family customs and routines. Look closely at similarities and differences.

Expressive arts and design

Children will learns sounds linked to our topic and for our harvest celebration. They will create representations of people and objects. Children will explore making music through using instruments.

What to bring each day:

   A waterproof coat.
   Sunhat and sun cream on warm days.
   Hat and gloves on cold days.
   Spare underwear, socks/tights etc.
   lunchbox if not having a school lunch.
    Reading bag
   Water bottle.
   PE kit - on a Monday after a holiday or after it's been sent home.
              A smile!


Please come and ask if you have any questions, no matter what it is. If you are unable to come to school then please ring or write a note.

Starting school is a daunting prospect for parents as well as children and we are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: PE will be on a Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. 

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