Cold weather information

Cold weather information

Please ensure that your child is wearing suitable clothing.  In colder weather this should include gloves, a hat, scarf and a warm waterproof coat. A spare pair of socks is also helpful to keep in PE kit bags.  Please ensure all items are clearly labelled.

If we do get a snowy day, children who have appropriate clothing and also have a change of suitable waterproof footwear such as wellies, walking boots etc wil be able to go and play in the snow and have lots of fun.   

If the temperature drops below zero or if there is a wind chill factor below zero, staff may take the decision to keep children inside, but whenever possible it is prefered that they enjoy fresh air and exercise. 

Willaston Primary Academy will only close due to bad weather in extreme circumstances.  These may include:


  • No water, heating or electricity
  • Staff are unable to get to work leaving adult:pupil rations unsafe

In the event of a school closure, you will be able to check in a number of ways:

  • information would be  posted on this page
  • You would receive a School Comms communication.   
  • Check our Facebook and Twitter social media links for instant updates

Please do not telephone school to check.  If the school is closed we will contact you. If you have not heard on any of the above avenues, then school will be open.